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Planview Launches Troux 12 Focused on Application Portfolio Management

Enhancements help businesses expedite time to value, prioritize decisions

AUSTIN, Texas – May 11, 2016

Planview is announcing Troux 12 with a more comprehensive application portfolio management (APM) offering based on years of field-tested best practices. The release also adds customer-driven enhancements that extend visualizations and improve usability. Troux 12 embeds Troux’s APM expertise and experience as features within the Troux Insight module, giving all customers ready-made access to best practices.

“Troux 12 represents a milestone with the successful shift to Planview’s twice-per-year release cadence from an annual one,” said Patrick Tickle, Chief Product Officer for Planview. “The enhancements in this release will facilitate more accurate resourcing with a reduction in costs, duplication and waste and help customers better plan changes to their application portfolio.”

Expanded transition planning support in Troux 12 provides a plan of record for stakeholders, such as architects and project managers, to track the specific usage of an application over time and determine if it needs to be replaced. It also features support for multi-dimensional usage tracking of applications, allowing customers to define and manage how and when an application is being deployed across multiple organizations, locations and business capabilities.

Troux 12 adds application assessments that let customers analyze and compare applications using configurable, user-defined metrics to highlight opportunities for investment and improvement.

New visualization developments in Troux 12 allow for the creation of user-friendly, information-rich hierarchy maps, enhanced timelines permitting any date property as a beginning or end point and interactive detail panes, showing additional data aspects and graphics without losing context.

“We worked closely with our customers during the development process and they gave us valuable feedback to help us deliver a set of these additions that will have an immediate impact,” said Jeff Ellerbee, Troux solutions marketing manager. “Version 12 is the first Troux release to take advantage of Planview’s Inner Circle program involving customers to help make our APM offering even more comprehensive.”

Troux 12 also includes important foundational improvements to more easily integrate with other applications. The OAuth authentication permits software-as-a-service tools to use the Troux API and enables out-of-the-box integrations with many standardized security protocols, such as SAML-2-based frameworks.

Visit Planview at the Gartner Enterprise Architecture (EA) Summit North America May 11-12 in National Harbor, Maryland to see what’s new in Troux 12. Company representatives will demonstrate how Troux, Planview Enterprise and Projectplace are helping EA practitioners take their place on the front lines of digital business strategy formation and execution.

Troux 12 will be available this quarter.


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