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Planview Welcomes Dr. Robert Cooper to Discuss Fusion of Idea-To-Launch, Agile Methodologies During Webcast

AUSTIN, Texas – April 18, 2016

Dr. Robert G. Cooper, co-founder of Stage-Gate®, has taken a page from the popular Agile software development methodology to modernize processes for today’s product development market. Join Cooper and Carrie Nauyalis, innovation and new product development solutions evangelist for Planview, during a one-hour webcast as they discuss how combining Agile and idea-to-launch into Agile-Stage-Gate® can create a more dynamic and flexible way of getting products to market.

Webinar Title

The R/Evolution of the Idea-to-Launch Process: Introducing Agile-Stage-Gate®


The Stage-Gate® idea-to-launch process has been in play for over 30 years as a roadmap for conceiving, developing and launching new products. Agile-Stage-Gate® merges Agile’s iterative approach, focused on continuous small team engagement, with Stage-Gates’ pervasive idea-to-launch model. Participants will learn:

  • The key components from Agile that are being leveraged in new product development to improve innovation success.
  • The benefits of upgrading current idea-to-launch processes to be an Agile-Stage-Gate process.
  • The next steps organizations can take to reap these benefits.


Carrie Nauyalis, Innovation and NPD Solution Evangelist for Planview Inc: Nauyalis is an active speaker, MBA guest lecturer, blogger and vlogger on all things innovation and product portfolio management. She has held various positions including global consulting and product management for 18 years at Planview. In her current position, she acts as an industry subject matter expert, establishing partnerships to ensure customers get the greatest ROI out of their Planview investment. She also works to define Planview’s go-to-market strategy for product development, and delivers enhancement ideas into Planview product management based on market trends.

Dr. Robert G. Cooper, Co-Founder, Stage-Gate: Cooper is the creator and co-founder of the Stage-Gate process and was named the “World’s Top Innovation Management Scholar” by the Journal of Product Innovation Management. Besides his best-selling books “Winning at New Products” and “Portfolio Management for New Products,” he has published more than 120 articles on research and development and innovation management. Dr. Cooper is a professor emeritus at McMaster University in Canada and an ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow at Penn State University.

Date and Time

Wednesday, April 20 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. CDT


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