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New Work Management App from Projectplace Introduces Unique Get Things Done Approach: Connects Planning, Teamwork and Personal To-Do’s in One Tool

Austin, Tx – November 9, 2015

Planview is today announcing general availability of its latest online offering in the project collaboration and work management market. Complementing its Enterprise package, the new Projectplace offering focuses on helping teams and small organizations manage their work by integrating planning, teamwork and personal task management in one application. It is supported by a fixed pricing model enabling teams to invite new members to collaborate without worrying about user licenses for a limited number of active projects. With this latest addition to its product family, Projectplace is now able to cater to every customer from team to enterprise, to enable them to get things done.

The launch represents a completely new approach to managing work and projects by combining planning in a classic Gantt view, teamwork on Kanban boards, and personal task management. This approach brings the features of competing stand-alone solutions into a single application. Team members can, in a simple and attractive dashboard, plan and organize their work, execute on their commitments, and follow progress in a shared timeline as they complete their tasks.

A select number of people tried the new Pro version during the beta testing period. Henrik Johansson, Director of Growth Innovation at Spotify described the new offering as: “Wunderlist, Trello and the Excel project plan in one solution.”

The new Projectplace offering is different from other collaboration software products on the market in that it offers a completely new fixed pricing model limited only by the number of active projects. Rather than paying for the number of users involved, teams can start with the Free version, upgrade to Basic or Pro versions for a fixed fee, and get access to a toolset to help them manage their work throughout the team’s entire lifetime. This makes it easy and effortless for team members to invite any number of colleagues to collaborate and ultimately get things done.

“We wanted to reinvent the traditional project management tool and focus on helping people manage their work, together,” said Samuel Cyprian, Vice President of Growth for Projectplace. “While we are upgrading the functionality so that all team members can easily get the most out of their working day, the pricing model in this new offering makes it possible to get things done without having to worry about the number of users. This offers real freedom for managers, teams and small organizations to focus on teamwork without worrying about user licenses.”

Key features of the Pro version include:

  • Planning in a classic Gantt view – Show where you are heading and how you plan to get there. Then get everyone aligned
  • Teamwork on a Kanban board – Share the team tasks, see who is working on what, and visualize progress in a transparent and self-organizing way. Includes WIP limits and swim lanes to avoid bottlenecks and provide better workflow overview
  • Personal to do-list – Let your team members stay in control of their commitments and plan their tasks towards the joint goal. Available for each team member, stand-alone for personal tasks or fully integrated with the plan and Kanban board
  • Performance charts – Keep track of progress in burn-up, cumulative flow and cycle time charts


For larger organizations, Projectplace Enterprise provides additional features such as powerful document management capabilities and workload management.

“The value we offer in the new offering is the way we integrate work management tools into a solution that helps everyone get things done,” continued Cyprian. “It combines the high-level planning functionality required by a project manager, with tasks and organizing capabilities for the entire team, as well as personal to-do lists for each individual team member to stay on top of things and focus on what’s important. These three components are woven into a seamless and integrated unity that no competing solution on the market can match.”

Projectplace pricing and plans fall into the following categories:

  • Free: For small teams who need basic task management
    • $0 – Projectplace is free to use as long as users want
    • One active project
    • Unlimited users
    • Max 2 Kanban boards
    • iOS and Android app
  • Basic: For teams who need basic collaboration
    • $39 per month
    • Three 3 active projects
    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited Kanban boards
    • iOS and Android app
  • Pro: For teams who need project planning and collaboration
    • $49 per month
    • Three 3 active projects
    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited Kanban boards
    • Gantt
    • iOS and Android app
  • Enterprise: For businesses with many projects and teams
    • Flexible pricing
    • Unlimited projects
    • Flexible number of users
    • Unlimited Kanban boards
    • Gantt
    • Document Management
    • Portfolio Management
    • iOS and Android app


The free trial of the Pro version is available at the Projectplace website.

Projectplace is an all-in-one project collaboration solution launched in 1998 as one of the world’s first online Software-as-a-service tools. Projectplace enables team members and project managers to plan, execute, communicate and share documents in one tool, with a unique combination of Kanban-based task management and Gantt chart planning.


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