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Planview Achieves Industry Firsts with New Business Capability Dimension and Analytics That Redefine Portfolio and Resource Management

Capability driven portfolios, analytics innovations and product-line integrations enable customers to further optimize resources and work

AUSTIN, Texas – October 14, 2015

Planview® is advancing the portfolio and resource management discipline with a new business capability dimension and breakthrough analytics and reporting in its latest release, Planview Enterprise 11.5. Leveraging domain expertise from its acquisition of Troux, Planview is introducing business capabilities – a core concept of the enterprise architecture discipline – as a new dimension to portfolio analysis. Analytics innovations include the next generation of the product’s ribbon user experience and advanced data visualization through Microsoft Power BI. Overall, the release will enable business leaders and portfolio managers to achieve new levels of decision-making by optimizing and visualizing their portfolios in unique ways.

“With Planview Enterprise 11.5, we are forging new territory in portfolio management by introducing business capabilities as a pillar, bringing analytics to the next level and making business-critical data highly visual and accessible by incorporating Microsoft Power BI,” said Louise K. Allen, senior vice president of product management and solutions marketing. “We are also fulfilling our vision of helping organizations realize their resource potential by strengthening the integrations between Planview Enterprise, Projectplace and Troux.”

Planview Enterprise customer DHL Supply Chain took part in the new release’s development and validation process. Fred Stoltenburg, service delivery manager, Project Delivery Service Centre, commented: “Working with Planview in their Analytics & Reporting Inner Circle program gave DHL the ability to provide input and help shape the development of Planview Enterprise 11.5. Specific functionality that we as a customer have been looking for has become a part of this release. With the changes made to administration as well as the end user experience our ease of adoption will greatly increase.”

New Business Capability Dimension for Portfolio Management

Planview Enterprise 11.5 achieves an industry first by introducing a business capability dimension into portfolio management. Business capabilities advance the ability to plan and execute by providing a way to evaluate investments and organizational capacity against both strategy and the ability to deliver. Through its integration with Troux, Planview Enterprise receives the most up-to-date capabilities and the relationships between those capabilities and projects. With this new dimension, project management offices (PMOs) can better understand how financial and human resources can support the business capabilities that define the organization.

Next Generation Ribbon Advances Portfolio Analysis

Planview Enterprise 11.5 adds reporting to the portfolio metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) available now within one integrated and configurable ribbon-driven user experience. Planview’s best practice reports catalog, as well as customized reports, are embedded within the ribbon as tiles, unifying and standardizing both how users consume information and how administrators control and share it.

New Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI

Planview introduces a new way for users to visualize, interact with and understand their portfolios by being the first in the project portfolio management (PPM) industry to leverage the intuitive data visualization technology of Microsoft Power BI. The Planview Enterprise Power BI Content Pack provides a self-service, cloud-enabled path for customers to gain deep insight into projects and financials in an interactive analytics platform. By clicking through the analytics, users can explore and understand past, current and future performance from multiple perspectives. Analysis is accessible anywhere, be it on a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

Planview Enterprise and Projectplace Integration Furthers No Matter How You Work Approach

The latest integration of Planview Enterprise with Projectplace lets project managers, resource managers and contributors work in the product best tailored for their use case. For example, project managers can build and maintain their project plan in the product best suited for their project, be it Planview Enterprise or Projectplace. Resource management is integrated to support both Planview Enterprise assignments and Projectplace cards. In addition, time can be reported in either product.

Troux and Planview Enterprise Integration for Managing the Business and Strategy of IT

The initial integration between Planview Enterprise and Troux is a major milestone in realizing Planview’s vision to connect planning and execution across the PMO and enterprise architect disciplines. Bringing together strategies, business capabilities, investments, applications and technology, the initial release integrates business capability planning as well as project assessments.


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