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Planview Introduces a Novel Approach to Collaborative Workload Management in Projectplace

AUSTIN, Texas – October 6, 2015

Planview is announcing the launch of new workload management capabilities for its enterprise project collaboration solution, Projectplace Enterprise. This release represents a new approach to workload management that combines current-state workload and resource assignment information with team member self-assessment and past performance data. Project managers and business leaders now have access to resource commitments and availability across projects, providing insights into the organization’s ability to take on new work.

Workload Management in Projectplace Enterprise is aimed at teams and organizations who are looking to improve their project collaboration efforts with a better overview of the workload of their resources, without the implementation of a full-scale resource management solution. The new capabilities provide an overview of resource commitments and the ability for team members to indicate their capacity to take on additional tasks based on their current workload levels. Project managers can utilize this information regarding workload levels, team member self-assessed capacity and past performance data to inform decisions around project staffing and optimizing teams for more effective outcomes. Information formerly not accessible through traditional data reporting, such as unplanned-for activities or commitments outside of the workplace, is now indicated as every member can provide immediate feedback on the level of work demands.

”We’re bringing a unique and much-needed dimension to project collaboration software with Workload Management in Projectplace Enterprise, to help organizations reach their goals,” said Jason Morio, Segment Manager for Projectplace, Planview. “Workload Management in Projectplace paints a detailed picture of team commitments and brings into the context of online project collaboration those informal hallway conversations between team leaders and members about what they’re working on and whether or not they can help with a new undertaking.”

Alan Lepofsky, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, comments: “With the vast amounts of information accessible to people today, organizing work and executing on project delivery is more important than ever. Collaborative workload management solutions help provide structure, enabling individuals and teams to focus on getting the right work done and the right time.”

Workload Management in Projectplace includes:

  • Workload view: The Workload view provides information about all overdue, ongoing, and planned cards and activities with cards associated to them, for each project member within an account.
  • Self-assessment: It is possible to quickly find and determine the specific workload of each individual, which gives project managers the ability to determine, for instance, which account members have the largest amount of assignments. If they only need to view members of particular projects, they can use the ‘project filter’ to only show workload for the subset of individuals that are members of specific projects.
  • Predictive analytics: Using a combination of data trends, such as historical data of task completion over time, predictive analytics can surface observations around team performance. It provides guidance to project managers when new commitments may approach and enables them to identify known productivity thresholds.

Projectplace is an all-in-one project collaboration solution launched in 1998 as one of the world’s first online Software-as-a-service tools. Projectplace enables team members and project managers to plan, execute, communicate and share documents in one tool, with a unique combination of Kanban-based task management and Gantt chart planning.


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