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Rosenberger High Frequency Technology Uses Planview to Steer New Product Development

Manufacturer of high frequency solutions aims to improve project governance, estimate potential sales volume with greater accuracy and gain transparency over status at multi-project level

Karlsruhe, Germany – August 31, 2015

Rosenberger, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of connector solutions in high frequency, high voltage and fiber optic technology, is now using Planview Enterprise in its product development. In the face of the ever-increasing complexity of products, the aim is to manage the development of new products more effectively and to estimate the corresponding potential sales volume with a greater degree of accuracy. In addition, the company hopes to achieve greater transparency over the status of projects at a multi-project level. To that end, Rosenberger will roll out its solution progressively in three performance categories. The first covers the governance, reporting and implementation of projects, and will be introduced in August 2015. The finance and resource management elements will then be implemented to enable complete project controlling within the company. Next, the third stage will focus on product portfolio management.

Running a Complex Product Program

As a manufacturer of both standardized and customized connector solutions in high frequency and fiber optic technology, the Rosenberger Group offers an increasingly complex product program.

Focus on New Product Development

In order to find the best solution, Rosenberger carried out a dedicated, four-stage selection and evaluation process. This was completed in the first quarter of 2015, and Planview was then awarded the contract. This decision was based on a multi-layered assessment model and a list of points coordinated with the departments, comprising commercial, functional and soft factors. Some of the most important criteria for Rosenberger were, for example, that the supplier should have experience with companies in the industry and traditional, medium-sized companies and that the solution should be focused on developing new products.

Technology of the Future

Rosenberger is already working on products and solutions that will not enter our lives for another few years. It is essential for the company to be able to estimate their success.

A large proportion of new product developments arise from customer enquiries. A project is then set up to decide whether this should lead to a new product. For each of these projects, all the relevant information is collated and evaluated as part of a structured process – from the idea through the concept phase and into production.

What Revenue Could a Newly Developed Product Generate?

In the future, Rosenberger will now be able to assess the potential sales volume of current projects and thus calculate what revenue the newly developed product could generate.

Rosenberger Company Profile

The Rosenberger Gruppe – a family-owned, medium-sized, industrial company – was founded in 1958 and is now one of the world’s leading providers of impedance-controlled, optical and electrical connectivity technologies and of components and systems for mobile communications, data centers, the medical sector and the automotive industry.


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