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Visualizing Work with New Dashboard Section in Projectplace

Project managers, team members, and senior management get instant insight into project status and work progress with new Dashboard section in project collaboration tool Projectplace

AUSTIN, Texas – August 19, 2015

Instant access to the status of ongoing work and projects is invaluable information for teams and project managers in today’s fast-paced economy. To improve the ability to stay on track, prioritize daily tasks and reach goals, Planview is now introducing Dashboard, a new feature in Projectplace that lets all stakeholders keep track of project progress. The Dashboard consists of widgets that provide a clear visualization of how a project is progressing in relation to the plan. The section provides visualization of tasks, accomplishments, speed of progress and keeps track of milestones. “Letting all team members get an easily accessible, real-time overview of every project’s current status ensures that work moves in the right direction,” said Per Wising, Director of Project Management at Planview. “With the new Dashboard section in Projectplace, we’re visualizing all Kanban-based task management, the Gantt functionality and important milestones to enhance the overview for everyone and ensure a successful project.” Available Dashboard widgets are:

  • Project step – Displays the next project step and the number of days left. If there are activities with attached cards that have not been completed in time, a warning is displayed.
  • Cards – Displays cards that have been “done” in the project, in relation to the total number of cards.
  • Time – Displays a summary of the time estimated, consumed and remaining to complete all activities in the project.
  • Cumulative flow – Aggregated view of the number of cards that are “planned”, “ongoing”, and “done.”
  • Cycle time – Average number of days a card has spent in the “ongoing” column. Helps project managers measure and follow up on the speed of project implementation, and identify project bottlenecks.

Projectplace enables team members and project managers to plan, execute, communicate and share documents in one tool, with a unique combination of Kanban-based task management and Gantt chart planning. The Dashboard is now available for all users. More information is available on the Projectpedia Dashboard page.


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