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New Planview Product Releases Advance Resource Management from Enterprises to Teams

New resource management capabilities for power and casual users in Planview Enterprise 11.4 and new workload management in Projectplace

GARTNER PPM & IT Governance Summit 2015, Grapevine, Texas – June 1, 2015

Planview® today introduces the next generation of its resource management capabilities in Planview Enterprise as well as new workload management features for project collaboration in Projectplace. These new capabilities are aimed at helping organizations from enterprises to teams optimize resources. Planview Enterprise version 11.4 introduces a whole new set of features for both novice as well as power users, and Projectplace workload management capabilities give visibility into workload levels of project collaborations. “These releases are all about continuing to build upon our strengths in resource management. The new release of Planview Enterprise better enables resource managers at all levels to help their organizations maximize their resource potential,” said Patrick Tickle, chief product officer for Planview. “In Projectplace, new workload management capabilities show what exactly teams are working on and how busy they are.”

New Resource Management Capabilities Scale to Meet Needs of Broad Set of Users

Planview Enterprise 11.4 introduces new user experiences that enhance the resource management process for both casual and power users. The new Resource Portfolio View brings Planview’s at-a-glance ribbon and tile user experience to project and resource managers who need a streamlined, guided process of staffing requirements and approving requested assignments. The new Resource Management and Assignments functionality represents the next iteration of Planview’s execution-centric resource management and enables power users to optimize resource utilization by assigning resources to the most important work. Resource Management and Assignments provides insight into work priority, and cumulative utilization profiles that show the incremental impact of assignments by priority.

New Projectplace Workload Management Built for Teams

New workload management capabilities in Projectplace provide visibility for managers into how busy individual team members are, what they are working on at any given time, and who might be available for additional work. The Workload Management view presents information about all the overdue, ongoing, and upcoming cards and activities for each project member.

Planview OpenSuite® for ServiceNow

The new Planview OpenSuite for ServiceNow® automates demand management processes across both the project management office (PMO) and the IT Service Desk. The integration transfers demand from ServiceNow to Planview Enterprise, enabling organizations to apply governance processes effectively based upon size and scope, regardless of where it initially comes from. At the same time, ServiceNow is updated with the most recent progress made on the ticket in Planview Enterprise.

Other Enhancements in Planview Enterprise 11.4

Planview Enterprise 11.4 includes a simplified Analytics and Reporting Portal for user administration and publishing across the enterprise. This is designed for both administrators who manage users, analytics, and reports, as well as end users who use these analytics and reports to get their work done. Planview Enterprise 11.4 introduces lifecycle delegation to keep projects and investments on track, even when a specific user is out of the office. The release also includes customer-driven enhancements in investment and capacity planning and work progressing. Planview Enterprise 11.4 is available later this month. The new workload management capabilities are available today in the enterprise edition of Projectplace. For more information about these new features and others, visit the Planview New Product Releases overview page.


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