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Planview Webcast to Reveal Four Elements for Continuous Strategic Planning

Independent research analyst to explain how to better achieve strategic goals and objectives via a continuous planning process

AUSTIN, Texas – January 21, 2015

When executives fail to revisit the strategic plan continuously, the result can be lost revenue and missed business opportunities. During a webcast on Thursday, Jan. 22 at 11:00 a.m. EST, Planview® and featured guest Margo Visitacion of Forrester Research Inc. will discuss the four critical elements for a well-integrated, iterative approach to strategic planning and execution.

Webcast Title

“When Incoming Demand and Change Derail Your Annual Plan: The Case for a Continuous Approach to Strategic Planning and Execution”


With 2015 upon us, is it safe to call your planning “done”? Industry experts say, not so fast! In a recent benchmark study¹, business executives identified “loss of revenue” and “missed business opportunities” as the top risks associated with not addressing ongoing resource management and capacity planning challenges. Speakers will discuss how organizations can ensure they are funding the initiatives that will deliver the most value. And how to be confident they will have the capacity to meet strategic business goals with their current, finite resources. A continuous approach to planning and assessing incoming demand at regular intervals, coupled with portfolio and resource management solutions, allow enterprise organizations to:

  • Implement value-based decision making regarding funding and critical resources to achieve strategic outcomes
  • Improve the orchestration of the project pipeline to minimize dependent resources or deliverables to prevent roadblocks
  • Be proactive (rather than reactive) when taking into account shifts in direction or priorities

The discussion will include recent insight from 48 Planview customers – who are some of the world’s most sophisticated planners – on planning best practices and processes. Margo Visitacion of Forrester Research Inc. will discuss insights from a recent research report and the four critical elements to establishing an integrated strategic and execution process.²


  • Margo Visitacion, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester Research
  • Carina Hatfield, product manager, Planview
  • Hosted by Patrick Tickle, chief product officer, Planview

Date and Time

Thursday, Jan. 22 at 10:00 a.m. CST / 11:00 a.m. EST / 16:00 GMT


“When Incoming Demand and Change Derail Your Annual Plan: The Case for a Continuous Approach to Strategic Planning and Execution”. ¹State of Resource Management and Capacity Planning (2014) ²“Demand Management: A Cornerstone For Strategy Execution” by Margo Visitation and Gordon Barnett with Alex Cullen and Abigail Komlenic, Forrester Research Inc. (2014)


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