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Planview Introduces New Investment and Capacity Planning and Advances No Matter How You Work™ in Latest Product Release

Planview Enterprise 11.3 leverages customer insights to deliver company’s next generation of planning capabilities that meld process best practices with intuitive UX

AUSTIN, Texas – January 12, 2015

Planview® today announces the newest release of Planview Enterprise, version 11.3, including a new investment and capacity planning module that fuses an innovative user experience with the latest business planning processes. This enables organizations to continuously adapt plans to reflect dynamic conditions, incoming demand, and new business opportunities. Planview Enterprise 11.3 also matures the company’s No Matter How You Work™ vision with the first integration to recent acquisition Projectplace and enhancements to integrations with leading agile development applications.

New Investment and Capacity Planning

According to Forrester Research, “Strategic planning must move to a continual exercise that, when closely integrated with adaptable delivery strategies, enables companies to anticipate opportunities and mitigate risks which accompany drawn-out planning cycles.”¹

To support customer needs to plan iteratively, adapt quickly to changing business conditions, and more easily engage the growing set of participants in the planning process, Planview Enterprise 11.3 features new investment and capacity planning capabilities. These are delivered via an intuitive user experience built around a unique process-based pivot, which is a single-click interface that provides an integrated view of an organization’s entire planning dataset, allowing users to:

  • Rank new and existing investments based on business drivers and priorities;
  • Analyze which investments should be funded, and which should be de-scoped, delayed, rejected or postponed based on targets and capacity;
  • Balance financial and human resource constraints over time to align proposed investments with available resources; and
  • Compare scenarios to consider alternative approaches to fulfilling portfolio objectives.

“Portfolio planning and analysis is a powerful process that goes well beyond the ability to prioritize a list of projects. This new planning solution represents the fifth generation of planning capabilities for Planview Enterprise,” said Patrick Tickle, chief product officer for Planview. “The 48 customers who participated in our Inner Circle program are some of the most sophisticated planners in the world, and we’ve created this new functionality in line with how they work to meet their needs, and to help translate their expertise to portfolio planners at every level of maturity.”

Advancing “No Matter How You Work”

In conjunction with the acquisition of Projectplace, Planview revealed its No Matter How You Work vision for integrating a variety of work types – traditional projects, agile projects and unstructured collaborative projects – into one unified portfolio to understand how all resources are being used enterprise-wide.

Planview Enterprise 11.3 advances the ability to view and manage one portfolio across work types with integrations between Planview Enterprise and Projectplace as well as with leading Agile applications:

  • Projectplace: First-time integration with Projectplace enables customers to create high-level project definitions in Planview Enterprise and synchronize those projects to Projectplace for execution; easily connect existing Projectplace projects back to Planview Enterprise for portfolio management and reporting; and synchronize the status of activities, milestones, and cards from projects within Projectplace to Planview Enterprise.
  • Atlassian JIRA: A new Planview OpenSuite for JIRA integration allows users to sync and view the status of JIRA projects within Planview Enterprise.
  • Rally Software: Updates to the Planview OpenSuite for Rally Software integration provide the ability to see more granular user story information and bring a greater level of detail and visibility into Planview Enterprise.

Advanced Product Planning and Additional Enhancements

Planview Enterprise 11.3 furthers the ability for one integrated view between the product portfolio and the project portfolio to help visualize plans and make informed decisions. This integrated view enables organizations to:

  • Easily manage products across the portfolio with visibility to financials, roadmap, status, associated projects, and other key attributes
  • Drag and drop product timelines to adjust the product roadmap based on changes in the environment including updated project schedules
  • Export a newly formatted PDF to share and use in static presentations
  • Export a live roadmap to PowerPoint to easily share and update information in interactive meetings

This new version continues to deliver on the company’s commitments to customer-driven development and user experience that have been core to every release in the Planview Enterprise 11 series. The release includes more than 100 customer-driven enhancements, including extensions to the Microsoft Project Add-in, interactive abilities to embed Planview Enterprise information and views within Microsoft PowerPoint, and additional configuration options for internationalization.

Planview Enterprise 11.3 is available now.

¹”Put Your Best Foot Forward: Key Techniques For Building An Integrated Strategic Plan,” by Margo Visitacion and Gordon Barnett, Forrester Research Inc., March 31, 2014.


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