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Planview extends work and resource management platform into Lean and Agile with acquisition of LeanKit

"Enterprise Kanban for Engineers" solution fuels Lean-Agile scaling, embraces broader world of work, and advances portfolio management capabilities

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Planview® establishes a firm foothold in Lean and Agile with its acquisition of LeanKit. The addition of LeanKit’s "Enterprise Kanban for Engineers" solution advances Planview’s work and resource management (WRM) vision of supporting all the ways organizations work, ensuring they can plan and scale more effectively to deliver customer value faster.

The addition of LeanKit’s “Enterprise Kanban for Engineers” solution advances Planview’s work and resource management (WRM) vision of supporting all the ways organizations work, ensuring they can plan and scale more effectively to deliver customer value faster.

By combining enterprise-class Kanban with powerful workflow and collaboration capabilities, LeanKit helps those in application development, DevOps, and IT operations leverage Lean principles and scale agility across the enterprise. LeanKit’s solution furthers Planview’s ability to serve engineers and technical professionals at the heart of the digital transformation movement that is disrupting many industries. In addition, for manufacturing and product engineering organizations, LeanKit provides the opportunity to extend Lean principles to the domain of engineering and design, advancing Planview’s "business PLM" vision.

"In today’s hypercompetitive, digitally driven environment, more and more companies are looking to leverage Lean and Agile to increase their ability to innovate," said Greg Gilmore, CEO of Planview. "By joining Planview and LeanKit together, we’re committing to helping our customers execute better and build process excellence that will advance all their work and resource management capabilities."

"Planview and LeanKit share a common vision of providing our enterprise customers with best-in-class, scalable solutions that enable them to run better and faster," said Jon Terry, co-founder and co-CEO of LeanKit. "We are excited to join the Planview family and together deliver top-performing work and resource management solutions to the enterprise market," said Tim Mulron, co-CEO of LeanKit.

"The necessity of work and resource management for organizations requires them to structure and streamline their tasks, activities, projects, and portfolios in a methodical manner, but also support Lean- and Agile-based approaches," said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research. "Planview’s acquisition of LeanKit and its innovation in enterprise Kanban provides Planview the ability to deliver on the value of work and resource management and elevate beyond traditional project-based processes."

As more companies adopt Agile work methodologies to innovate and evolve at a faster rate, they are also embracing Lean principles to support their digital transformations. The integration of LeanKit into Planview’s broader portfolio of WRM solutions allows customers to not only optimize work and resources, but also enables the continuous improvement, cultural change, and strategic execution required for successful transformation.

On Nov. 7, Planview launched a new era of work and resource management with the announcement of Planview Enterprise One – the first enterprise solution designed to unify a broad set of work and resource management domains to help break down organizational silos, bring teams together, and accelerate the strategy-to-delivery process. Planview Enterprise One goes beyond point solutions for project portfolio management, enterprise architecture, and collaborative work management, and now with the addition of LeanKit to Planview’s WRM platform, Lean-Agile to orchestrate strategic execution enterprise-wide across all work and resources.

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Founded in 2009, LeanKit is the leading enterprise Kanban tool, helping organizations visualize work, optimize processes, and deliver value faster. More than 50,000 teams of all types – including software development, IT operations, DevOps, and their extended value streams – rely on LeanKit every day to apply Lean-Agile principles to their work. For more information, visit

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