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Planview and Tasktop establish strategic partnership bringing enterprise-wide visibility to organizations scaling Agile

Enterprise-class Lean Portfolio Management becomes real with ability to roll up work of disparate Agile teams and tools for better delivery confidence

AUSTIN, Texas – August 6, 2019 – As a leader in Lean Portfolio Management, value stream planning, and Agile delivery solutions, Planview today announced a strategic partnership with value stream management provider Tasktop. The industry-leading partnership expands the Planview Agile Scaler offering, enabling customers to realize enterprise-scale Lean Portfolio Management that connects the work of disparate teams across the most popular Agile team tools.

Through a single view into program boards provided by the Planview and Tasktop solution, organizations can roll up the work of multiple Agile teams into a portfolio view to quickly assess progress, financial impact to business objectives, and understand dependencies across Agile teams, regardless of their methodology choice. Organizations don’t have to dictate a one-size-fits-all approach, but, instead, can allow teams to choose the way they work.

“Our strategic partnership with Tasktop strengthens Planview’s ability to help organizations transform and scale Agile on their terms and timeline,” said Patrick Tickle, Planview chief product officer. “By rolling up the work of disparate Agile teams into a program or Agile Release Train view, we provide our customers with actionable data insights and portfolio visibility. When paired with the predictive reporting in Planview LeanKit and the financial analytics across our entire Lean and Agile Delivery solution, Planview delivers offerings that are unmatched in the market. This partnership advances our portfolio management leadership by rapidly accelerating our capabilities and helping customers transform across Agile, hybrid, and traditional work delivery methodologies.”

“By building on Planview’s unique position in the market with Tasktop’s leadership in value stream management, I’m thrilled that our joint vision will catalyze organizations’ shift from project to product with a complete view into their portfolio,” said Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop. “Our partnership enables organizations with multiple scaling Agile use cases to deliver value more quickly. We’re also thrilled that this strategic relationship spans go-to-market, product delivery, and customer success. Together, Planview and Tasktop are helping organizations build Lean-Agile enterprises of the future.”

To learn more about Planview’s Agile Scaler and see the joint solution in action, or to learn more about the entire Planview Lean and Agile Delivery solution, visit Planview’s booth at Agile2019, August 5-8 in Washington D.C., or go to

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As a global leader, Planview makes it easier for all organizations to achieve their business goals. We provide the industry’s most comprehensive solutions designed for strategic planning, portfolio and resource management, Lean and Agile delivery, product portfolio management, capability and technology management, innovation management, and collaborative work management. Our solutions span every class of work, resource, and organization to address the varying needs of diverse and distributed teams, departments, and enterprises. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Planview’s more than 700 employees serve over 5,000 customers worldwide through a culture of innovative technology leadership, deep market expertise, and highly engaged communities. For more information, visit

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Tasktop, a leader in Value Stream Integration and Management, automates and visualizes the flow of product-critical information across the software delivery value stream — from initial customer request to delivery and back through the customer feedback loop for continuous improvement. With 58 integrations for software delivery tools, Tasktop enables organizations to leverage a best-of-breed tool network that also provides end-to-end visibility and traceability. The backbone of the most impactful Agile and DevOps transformations worldwide, the company’s customers are the global leaders in financial services, insurance, government and manufacturing, many of whom are in the Fortune 100, including 11 of the top 25 banks in the world, the top six health plans and four of the top 10 US insurance companies. For more information about Tasktop, please visit: