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Planview delivers Agile costing innovation, eliminating manual time reporting and reducing financial challenges of Agile at scale


AUSTIN, Texas – October 1, 2019 – As a leader in Lean Portfolio Management and Agile delivery solutions, Planview today announced a Kanban-enabled solution for automating the capture of Agile team costs, removing a critical challenge to scaling Agile. Built with Planview’s unique expertise in portfolio management, financial management, and Lean-Agile delivery, the new approach calculates necessary Agile team actuals – eliminating the manual process of filling out timesheets. Agile and finance leaders now understand the true impact their Agile teams have to the bottom line by identifying Agile development costs for proper CAPEX vs. OPEX categorization.

“We’re thrilled to lead the market with an automated solution for costing Agile teams spanning software development and the business,” said Patrick Tickle, Planview chief product officer. “For many organizations undergoing an Agile transformation, the timesheet is a legacy business process, but the reality is that labor actuals and capitalization rules are a material financial lever for most organizations that simply cannot be eliminated. Now, moving a card on a Planview LeanKit board provides actionable and auditable cost information to Finance – and eliminates the team member timesheet. This is an organizational win-win for our customers and removes a key challenge to scaling Agile.”

“As a CFO, I can attest to how reliant organizations are on time tracking to collect accurate information to drive capitalization practices that translate to bottom-line profitability. With this new capability, Finance now has a path to merge new ways of working with established accounting practices and become an Agile transformation partner,” explained Todd Sanders, Planview chief financial officer.

Planview’s Lean and Agile Delivery solution uses the powerful combination of Planview Enterprise One and the capabilities of enterprise Kanban in Planview LeanKit to roll up and translate team assignments, work time, and work in progress into a consolidated, fully auditable record of actual Agile costs. This level of information ensures Agile teams get the funding and budgeting support needed for future endeavors and removes the need for manual reporting and reconciliation of time sheets, returning development time back to the business.

To discover how Planview’s Lean and Agile Delivery solution can help your organization more effectively cost and capitalize Agile development work, visit Planview’s booth at the 2019 Global SAFe Summit in San Diego, October 2-3, download The Challenges of Agile Software Development Costing and Capitalization eBook, or visit the Planview Lean and Agile Delivery solution page.

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