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Spigit announces exclusive partnership with Topcoder to accelerate and optimize execution of digital transformation initiatives

San Francisco, CA – July 10, 2018 – Spigit, the world’s leading provider of full lifecycle idea management software, today announced an exclusive new partnership with Topcoder, the largest talent network and crowdsourcing platform for data scientists, programmers and designers, to better equip enterprise organizations in executing on their digital transformation initiatives.

Uncovering an innovative idea and then executing on that idea quickly is the competitive advantage today’s businesses need in the race to meet customer demands for new and better digital experiences. The new partnership between Spigit and Topcoder is driven by a growing challenge businesses face in translating new and innovative ideas into tangible prototypes and products that they can take to market quickly. Most organizations struggle to secure the resources necessary for design and prototyping – a challenge that the partnership will meet head on.

Spigit has become the world’s largest ideation and innovation management platform by enabling companies to tap into a diverse pool of new ideas to solve business challenges by engaging employees, partners, or customers. The partnership between Spigit and Topcoder will provide organizations with the ability to take their best, validated ideas directly from the Spigit platform into a design and prototyping sprint with Topcoder. Here, Topcoder’s network of 1 million+ designers, developers and technology architects can then bid on and deliver design concepts, prototypes, and click through apps.

“Innovation and digital transformation continue to be priorities for companies looking to evolve the way they interact with customers, and ensure growth and competitive edge and frankly, survival,” said Scott Raskin, President and CEO of Spigit. “But their efforts and great ideas must have a means to move forward into execution in order to have meaningful business impact quickly. Spigit’s partnership with Topcoder is a major step in supporting organizations’ abilities to transform digitally, and we’re thrilled to be leading the way for our customers to ensure that they have the tools they need to deliver customer value and significant business impact.”

“Innovation is something every company wants to achieve, but it’s easy to hit a roadblock in the initial ideation phase. By partnering with Spigit, we’re enabling more businesses to not only uncover new ideas, but also see them through to execution with top talent,” said Mike Morris, CEO, Topcoder.

Spigit is the market leader and most widely-used innovation management software, serving the world’s most innovative organizations for 10 years and powering over 15,000 innovation challenges. The partnership with Topcoder is a natural fit due to a joint belief in the power of crowdsourcing as well as deep experience in working with the Fortune 500 to realize the value of crowdsourcing innovation to fuel business growth.

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