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Spigit launches Technology Partner Program

Program Extends the Power of Spigit to Drive Innovation throughout the Enterprise

San Francisco, CA, April 25, 2017 – Spigit, the world’s leading provider of ideation and innovation management software, today announced their new Spigit Technology Partner Program. The Technology Partner Program enables qualifying software vendors to build integrations with Spigit and help enterprises execute on their portfolios of high-value ideas faster. Spigit customers can experience seamless integration between Spigit and their complementary technologies like business intelligence software, team collaboration tools, and more.

By tightly integrating their existing technologies and services with Spigit, partners will have the opportunity to work closely with the industry leader in ideation management to support the needs of their own clients and prospects.

“Every enterprise needs to address disruption across their business. By tapping into a diverse pool of ideas that can only be generated through collective intelligence, companies can future-proof their market share,” says Scott Raskin, CEO of Spigit. “The Technology Partner Program will extend the impact of ideas generated on Spigit through to implementation for hundreds of enterprise customers.”

Technology partners will be able to build and grow their business around the latest ideation and crowd science technologies and develop differentiated offerings for enterprises seeking to build and grow a culture of innovation. Partners will gain access to:

  • Resources, training, and tools, enabling partners to develop expertise in Spigit functions and capabilities
  • Spigit’s worldwide sales and customer success teams
  • Full product sandboxes complete with advanced tools
  • Spigit data to enable further idea execution, analysis, and optimization
  • Ability to trigger Spigit platform actions via flexible and open APIs

Spigit is inaugurating the Spigit Technology Partner program with initial technology partners Launchpad Central and eVsm.

“In partnership with Spigit, enterprise leaders now have the opportunity to turn valuable ideas into reality – making businesses more efficient and effective as well as driving growth.”

About Spigit Ideation Management Software
Spigit enables enterprises to harness the collective intelligence of their employees, customers and partners to solve today’s problems, maximize tomorrow’s opportunities and accelerate innovation. Spigit’s ideation management platform scales across the enterprise to surface the best ideas. The Spigit platform is backed by proprietary crowd science algorithms and a proven methodology that together deliver bottom line business results.

Spigit’s ideation management platform enables organizations to create and manage a pipeline of ideas to drive new business strategies, product development, operational efficiencies, and employee engagement. With Spigit, business leaders find the best ideas, make the right decisions, and foster a culture of innovation.

About Spigit Inc.
Spigit is the largest provider of ideation management software to some of the world’s foremost companies, including AT&T, Citibank, Duke Energy, MetLife, Pfizer, Unilever, UnitedHealth Group and more. Spigit has powered ideation for large enterprises across major industries of financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and energy. For a demo, Click here for a Spigit demo.

Spigit global HQ is in San Francisco, European HQ in London, and our Asia-Pacific HQ is in Sydney. Learn more at

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