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Spigit unveils the future of innovation management software to help business leaders foster a culture of engagement and innovation

San Francisco, CA – September 18, 2018 – Spigit, the leading provider of innovation management software, today announced major advancements to its platform, including industry-first machine learning capabilities and new features that are designed to drive greater employee engagement. The new updates will further help Spigit customers foster a collaborative culture and win competitive advantages though:

  • Increased employee engagement using rewards & recognition and personalized experiences
  • Accelerated innovation with state-of-the-art machine learning
  • Enhanced flexibility for harnessing the power of the crowd

“The employment market is more competitive than ever before, and companies are under significant pressure to attract, develop and retain talent,” said Scott Raskin, President and CEO of Spigit. “As a result, employee engagement is a strategic priority for the C-Suite, and more organizations are turning to the innovation process to build a winning company culture. Crowdsourcing ideas is an impactful way to get employees more invested in the direction of the business – and it needs to be engaging for them. These industry-first updates are focused on fueling high levels of engagement, creating connections, and leveraging diversity of knowledge, to help companies advance the best ideas and drive business results.”

Driving engagement through recognition and personalized experiences

High engagement fuels the culture of innovation needed to advance the best ideas and deliver business outcomes. Diversity and frequency of participation and collaboration are hallmarks of this culture. All new features in this product release focus on making participation and collaboration easy and intuitive, whilst motivating action through recognition.

A reimagined user experience includes new user profile that tracks the skills and interests of each contributor. This enables participants to find collaborators based on skills and interests and connect people with the ideas they can add value to encouraging teaming and fostering networks across the organization.

To drive recognition and encourage the behaviors that will make crowdsourced innovation most effective, employees engaging in the platform will now earn badges for their “Achievements” and be prompted to level-up. And users can “Endorse” one another for their contributions, providing the social status, gratification and feedback that motivates repeat interactions with the platform.

Advancing innovation with state-of-the-art machine learning

Developing a culture of innovation at some of the world’s largest businesses requires scale, which means finding the most efficient ways to surface the right content to spark new thinking. Spigit’s new machine learning technology, a first of its kind in innovation management software, will analyze unstructured data across ideas to consolidate similar ideas and connect people interested in like-minded ideas. This will provide huge efficiency gains and enable program managers to focus teams on advancing the best ideas.

Bringing the power of the crowd across a variety of enterprise challenges through enhanced platform flexibility

Sustaining engagement requires a variety of techniques and approaches. The latest updates to the Spigit platform offer increased flexibility through new innovation challenge configurations to support additional use cases, all within one solution. One new use case enables organizations to harness institutional knowledge from across the organization through online communities in which employees can post their questions and obtain answers. This results in a searchable asset for the organization.

Inclusivity is also being encouraged by the ability to authenticate accounts through Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, making the user sign-in process smoother and more streamlined.

Raskin adds: “Many of the world’s most successful enterprises are making crowd-driven innovation an integral part of their business, which is why in Q2 2018 we achieved a record number of customers and saw 43% growth in new customers year-to-date. The most progressive organizations are constantly exploring new ways to mine the best ideas from their talented workforce, and Spigit is continuing to partner with them every step of the way.”

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